QR Code reading. New solution “scan and send” now available

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C24 has been interested in QR codes and their development for some time now so we are really interested in the solution highlighted below which we believe will help with the adoption of the technology. We at C24 are looking forward to where this is going to take the technology.

The “Scan and Send” system comes from Scanlife, as an additional service to the barcode-reading and QR-code decoding smartphone apps the company already supplies. Now all you have to do is grab a pic of a QR code (or regular 2-D barcode) with your dumb phone camera, and MMS it to a special number. Scanlife’s computers recognize and decode the image, then SMS the details back to you as a weblink… which you can automatically open in a browser if you’re using a feature phone, or email on to yourself for later perusal.