QR Codes, the potential is massive

We spotted this video for QRadio from SWEZA and just had to put it on the blog. QR codes as you may know have been around for a while but we are always interested in their application and how you can get the audience to engage. The idea of an old style beat box we thought was fantastic and the tape imagery just brilliant.

In retail the opportunities to use the link between physical and online really needs to be explored more as we really need to engage with the customer more. We have had various discussions on how QR codes could help not only with brand and product awareness but also with the conversion rates for online and physical commerce. We are working with a number of innovative companies that are exploring the way this type of technology can really drive their businesses forward, for more info just visit www.c24.co.uk as always though please enjoy…………

By the way we thought it would be fun to drop in the video below about what Tesco is doing outside the UK. A great idea for time-saving and a really intuitive way of using technology……….


Augmented Reality, could make support easier

C24 support organisations across the UK  with their IT support. This video highlights how technology can help users in the simple task of changing a toner cartridge. The applications for this type of technology could be enormous in the business and consumer worlds.

Please enjoy.

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