Christmas Comes Early For Online Retailers with a Boost in ECommerce Sales

Today’s IMRG-Capgemini eRetail Sales Indexshowed shoppers spent £10.1bn in November. Sales grew by 20% when compared to the same time last year, and 30% compared to October 2013, making the month one of the strongest the sector has seen for a decade.

multichannel retailers make a mark

Multichannel retailers reported annual growth of 23%, while for pureplays the figure stood at 16%. M-commerce transactions were up by 81% on last year. In the highest conversion rate recorded since 2009, the online retail sector hit 5.24%.

Retailers working with multichannel include Argos,  John Lewis and some supermarkets.


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Big Data, it is all about it at the moment

The IT industry has a penchant for inventing new buzz words for topics that have been around for years in one form or another and perhaps Big Data is another example.

Yet just this week Capgemini announced the findings of a report (“The Deciding Factor: Big Data & Decision Making”) which showed that, in a study of over 600 C-Level execs, 9 out of 10 leaders believe data is as fundamental to their business as people and capital.

With the amount of data being generated reaching astronomical levels (and accelerating) buzz word or not, Big Data is a problem all business leaders need a strategy for.

Ever wondered just how much information is created? Domo produced an eye-opening infographic which you might be interested in.

The C-level is coming around to big data (infographic)

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According to a new survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (commissioned by IT consulting giant Capgemini), corporate executives are starting to figure out that big data matters and how to leverage it, even if they haven’t fully come around on the concept.

The surveyors questioned more than 600 C-level and other senior executives across the globe, finding that while they understand certain realities — such as the importance of valuable analysis versus sheer volume of data, and the increasing role of data to inform intuition — most respondents (55 percent) still don’t think their management teams view big data strategically enough.