About C24

“using passion in the pursuit of excellence”

Worldwide Hosting and Application Delivery specialising in Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, Sage and a number of other major business applications.

Who are C24?

We are a team that is built to deliver on the IT needs of today’s businesses. The core management has worked together for many years, in some instances decades, delivering business critical applications primarily for UK companies but also for many with a global footprint. Our experience and knowledge are key drivers of our businesses success and is poured into every solution we install, monitor and manage.

What do C24 do?

C24 are specialists in the delivery of business critical applications from private ‘cloud’ infrastructures, all managed from two of the UK most secure and private data centres. We pride ourselves on “delivering simplicity from the controlled management of complexity”.

We operate a multi-line business operation that is built around our core application hosting/delivery and managed services functions. The solutions offered include: disaster recovery, online backup, DDoS mitigation, network install and consultancy, data management and support and business intelligence. This multi-line approach enables us to offer best of breed solutions from leading industry vendors to address your businesses hosting and/or managed services requirements.

Companies IT landscapes are usually complex and are a mixture of multiple business critical applications, vendors, suppliers, support, business connectivity etc. Depending on the business sector most companies do have similarities in terms of their IT, however there is always a difference in the number of applications they run and the way they operate and/or manage their infrastructure.

“We deliver business critical applications and their associated solutions for companies at speed”. This is a bold statement but is underpinned by decades of experience and a multitude of clients that will tell you C24 delivers, and works with them to remove headaches and complexity associated with their infrastructures.

Why C24?

We find that clients like to be comfortable with a managed services provider, not just in terms of delivering on promises or their technical abilities, but in terms of the management team, financial stability, deep domain knowledge, continued investment in people and infrastructure, great business culture and stability with no swerve balls or hidden gotchas.

The above are the key elements of C24. A business that knows hosting and managed services, that understands you may not just want your Microsoft applications delivered but also the other more obscure less well known solutions that can cause issues but are equally as important to you as a business.

Our continued investment in talent, technology and training with a constant eye on client satisfaction has seen the business grow in a controlled but a very significant way in the last 3 years. This growth has been generated via word of mouth, recommendations and referrals plus an overall increase in the amount each client spends with us as a business. We cannot have any higher praise than the sheer volume of business that is placed with us by happy customers and their partners.

How We’re Different

  • We are our people so we invest in our people
  • We have heritage we understand, Paul Hemming MD has been putting hosting solutions together for over two decades
  • We have a commitment to offer the best IT solutions in the UK marketplace today
  • The business invests heavily in our infrastructure to enable mid-market companies access to enterprise level technologies
  • We have highly trained engineers that perform system design, integration and monitoring, who provide full end to end solutions.
  • Technology such as 3PAR, Varonis, HP blade deliver total piece of mind
  • We provide proactive, round the clock monitoring and management of all of your network devices to ensure that your system is never compromised.
  • Our NOC provides resilient, responsive monitoring to manage all your business needs.
  • We offer flexible service level agreements (SLA) that cater for budgets and individual needs.
  • This approach enables us to offer solutions that fit the client requirements. Our data centre is Tier 4 one of only 2 in the country.

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