Is blogging the future for legal firms’ marketing strategies?

Increasingly legal firms, like many professional firms, are using the medium of blogs to communicate with new C24 Legal Hosting Bloggingclients and foster prospective customer relationships.

The law sector is particularly interesting for blogging as it is a marketing medium being employed by a fairly traditional profession whose business is based on the advice and guidance they provide, and are now offering free information online.


Typically the main reasons cited for law firms starting blogs are:

  • Enticing new clients through promotion of industry perspectives and knowledge
  • Distinguish firms from competitors
  • Responding to change in nature of buyers who are increasingly shopping around for their legal services

Whereas some social media platforms may not suit the field of law, such as Twitter with its 140 character limit, blogging has become a way for firms to share specialised information within their specific niches with potential clients and demonstrate their capabilities over and above competing firms.

However, as an article from Bloomberg highlighted, timing is critical.  If lawyers can be blogging on a decision the day it is released or the day a case is ruled, then they can quickly position themselves as experts and the go-to person in their field.  Being able to quickly turn news items around and into language that your clients can understand easily will mean readers look to you for info and latest developments.

But blogging is nothing new to this sector; LexBlog estimate that 80% of the largest law firms now publish blogs – a sign that blogs are becoming part of the fabric of legal marketing.  In fact, in a survey from Attorney at Work (which we cited in our report Employing Business Analytics to Achieve Better Sales Results For Your Legal Firm), 91% of lawyers that use social media, 60% identified social media as playing an important part of their marketing strategy, and platforms that allow for longer form pieces such as LinkedIn proved most popular.

Such is the popularity of blogging in the sector, that companies have now aligned themselves to providing services dedicated to helping lawyers and partners operate effective, business-generating blogs.  An example is LexBlog, a company that is dedicated to facilitating blogs for legal professionals and cites the reason for firms to now invest in their blogs is due to the view that “authentic online engagement accelerates relationships and word-of-mouth” in order to drive more business activity.

A feature on about why lawyers blog included a few interesting snippets that give us better insight into the wider reasons, outside of pure business generation, behind the legal blogging phenomenon:

  • Helps keep lawyers abreast of developments in the industry
  • Allows bloggers to give something back to the legal community
  • Enables lawyers to organise their thinking about complex topics
  • ‘About half of my new clients find me because of my blog’

The standout quote from the article that really embodies why blogging is such a valuable activity in the legal sector particularly is,

“When you can explain a concept clearly, your own understanding of the subject matter increases exponentially”.

A simple search on Google brings up hundreds of law related blogs, and what is now interesting is that the breadth of topics is expanding.  Firms are branching out into specialist niche areas of law in addition to the operational side of the business. There are now a number of blogs dedicated to marketing and business development, specifically targeted at the legal sector, such as LegalBizDev and the Legal Marketing Blog – who have specialised in their function and sector to provide industry specific advice and news that is more up to date than any textbook could hope to be.


It’s an exciting space and we especially look forward to find more blogs around the legal technology space.  If anyone can recommend any then it would be appreciated.


Image courtesy of Andy Piper.



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