Why Partnering Makes Sense

How can software vendors and integrators grow their business and revenues through partnerships.

C24 hosting partnering

There are so many different cloud models available to software vendors today.  Whether that’s public cloud (Azure, AWS, etc) or private cloud in your own datacentre – plus a world in between.

In a bid to offer a software-as-a-service solution to clients, many software vendors rush to market with an ill-fitting cloud service that doesn’t work for the long term.  It can be tempting to look at public cloud services to deliver the solution, however how does that model work when you want to add new functionality or change how users consume your service (maybe you want to sell through an app store to some customers, directly for others, and offer on premise integration for other clients)?

Public cloud makes sense for certain apps, but for many legacy software solutions that have been developed for on-premise IT, it can be a painful process to get ‘cloud ready’.

The complexity of cloud models often pushes developers to look at how they can build their own cloud, but this is costly and the security requirements are radically different when developing on premise to in the cloud.

But, the reason most of our ISVs choose to work with C24 to deliver their underlying hosting and as-a-service solution is rarely anything to do with discussions about the most suitable cloud or infrastructure.

It’s usually to do with partnering.

Everyone talks about partnering.  But we actually do it.

That’s in part down to some of the fantastic Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that we work with, however the main differentiator that makes the partnership work are the peripheral business services that are jointly wrapped around each solution sale:

  • We work hard to understand what it is our partners do and their business models. Then we look at how we can translate that into mutual success for both parties.
  • We do the hard word upfront and work on developing a go-to-market proposition between both companies that works, rather than waiting for the first customer to come along before we engage.
  • We combine marketing and lead generation resources – so there is double the sales activity, double the marketing activity and double the enthusiasm for new customers.
  • We collectively meet to drive incremental new business that pushes both companies forward for increased client satisfaction and business success.

The main factor we find when partnering is that the timescales are long.  Nothing is quick when it comes to partnering, and rightly so.  Neither us, nor our partners, want to engage and work together on a new client immediately with no background or time spent together developing relationships – only to find the partnership doesn’t ‘fit’ in the middle of a project.

Instead, we take our time to build trust and credibility with our partners – as it is a hugely impactful activity to move your on-premise traditional licenced software product to a software-as-a-service solution.

If you are an ISV or software integrator who is looking at different ways to expand your cloud –as-a-service portfolio out to clients, or to even launch your on-premise solution to the cloud, then have a read of our whitepaper on “How an effective channel hosting strategy can increase your software sales” or visit the Partner section of our site.



Image courtesy of Drew Leavy.


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