C24 Select HP 3PAR Storage For Running 999 Ambulance Operations

Midlands-based application hosting provider, C24, selected HP 3PAR Storage for Ambulance Service project.
C24 is an applications hosting provider delivering enterprise private cloud and hosting services from datacentres across the Midlands, and has worked with West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (WMAS) for many years to craft a private cloud solution that will enable the continued delivery of the region’s emergency and non-emergency systems. WMAS needed an enterprise hosting provider with the flexibility to offer an on-premise solution to satisfy their data location and security requirements.
Gary Adamson, the Public Sector Sales Manager for HP UK’s Storage Division, commented that, “The Public Sector is experiencing many pressures from all directions to reduce costs and do more with less. The new style of IT required to cope with these challenges means that Public Sector organisations are looking for innovative, new solutions to deliver efficiency and secure technology services without the high upfront cost normally associated with enterprise IT purchases.”
Adamson also highlighted the solution that HP and C24 have developed over a number of months in response to these challenges, “HP has worked closely with C24 to develop a Storage-as-a-service solution built on HP 3PAR StoreServ technology that can be remote or on premise and available through the UK Government G-Cloud procurement service. The win at West Midlands Ambulance Service demonstrates the need for flexible, resilient cloud storage solutions for the Public Sector.”
“The win at West Midlands Ambulance Service demonstrates the need for flexible, resilient cloud storage solutions for the Public Sector.”


About C24
C24 is an enterprise applications hosting provider based in the West Midlands, delivering infrastructure hosting, business intelligence software and document management capabilities to clients across the globe. C24 works closely with key technology vendors and partners to deliver best of breed private cloud hosting solutions to customers, and is a HP Cloud Agile Service Provider Partner and a Microsoft Gold Hosting Partner.
C24 considered storage solutions from across the industry, but selected HP 3PAR Storage for developing its on-premise storage-as-a-service solution which allows public sector clients to access enterprise storage services via the G-Cloud framework. This makes it easy and flexible for them to deploy secure cloud services whilst retaining control and access to their infrastructure located onsite at their own data-centre premises.
The storage-as-a-service solution from C24 allows public sector organisations to deploy the storage capacity required on day 1, pay for what storage capacity is utilised and flexibly upgrade as and when required. However, the important point is that organisations are able to keep their infrastructure onsite and pay for the solution as a cloud service, with the maintenance and delivery handled by C24.
Recent research by the 6 Degrees Group highlights that nearly 90% of local authorities have not yet heard of G-Cloud, however C24’s success at WMAS demonstrates how public sector authorities can start to implement cloud services without the upheaval of moving IT out of existing datacentres and into public cloud providers’ facilities. And with the growing pressure from Government for organisations to evaluate cloud services before making traditional IT purchases, authorities are looking for secure and accessible cloud solutions where they can retain control over their infrastructure and applications.
The solution C24 designed for West Midlands Ambulance Service is built on HP Bladesystem server technology to enable efficient use of resources within an enterprise, highly-available chassis for secure computing delivery. Combined with the HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage platform, WMAS now have the ability to quickly and easily upgrade their storage online, replicate between sites for added resilience and cut traditional storage capacity requirements by up to 50% by eliminating over provisioning and utilising HP 3PAR’s industry leading ‘Thin’ technologies.
Phil Smith, Head of ICT Services at WMAS FT, explains that, “WMAS covers an area of 5,000 square miles, serving a population of over 5 million. Our two emergency operations centres take almost 3,000 999 calls every single day. We pride ourselves in the quality and robustness of the technologies that we deploy to support these critical functions, which ultimately leads to safer patient care. WMAS were the first UK Ambulance Service to fully deploy a multi-site ‘virtual’ Contact Centre. By continuing to build on this highly resilient and performing platform, using the latest available ‘proven’ technologies we will continue to provide the highest quality service and care for our patients”.
Phil adds “Whilst working closely with both C24 and HP on the solution design, HP have recognised the investment that West Midlands Ambulance Service has already made in their technology infrastructure and by working alongside C24, they continue to strongly support the Trust in the development and deployment of their critical systems infrastructure.”
Paul Hemming, Managing Director of C24 Ltd, commented that, “C24 recognised the importance of security and high levels of availability when designing the solution for West Midlands Ambulance Service, and recent high profile outages and attacks experienced by Public Cloud providers further highlighted the critical need for an enterprise, private cloud solution located locally at WMAS FT’s premises.”


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