Last week, we announced that DatAnywhere is now completely free for up to 5 users.

DatAnywhere turns an organization’s file shares into a secure private cloud, providing employees, business partners and clients with secure mobile access and file synchronization to files stored on the organization’s internal file shares and NAS devices.

Last week, Rob wrote about the challenges IT admins had in searching for an alternate path to a secure, efficient, Dropbox-style data access. He hit the nail on the head, “One does not simply move 2 PB of files to the cloud”.

This week, I’d like to provide an example to bring to life some of the challenges Rob described.

The Challenge for WSYBCSU

Based in the United Kingdom, NHS West and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit (WSYBCSU) has a centralized infrastructure. An increasing number of users were demanding a way  to store, access and collaborate securely from mobile devices and the web.

The Solution for WSYBCSU

With DatAnywhere, it meant WSYBCSU could ensure the integrity of its data at all times.

From a governance standpoint, configuring DatAnywhere was straightforward as it used the existing permissions structure that WSYBCSU has honed over time.

WSYBCSU’s Managing Director, Alison Hughes, is a frequent DatAnywhere user.  She often requires easy and secure access to sensitive data for meetings – board minutes, financial data, etc. Martin Powis, Head of Information Technology notes: “Since we’ve introduced DatAnywhere it’s simplified this element for her, reducing the number of devices she has to carry, while strengthening security.”

DatAnywhere ultimately provided numerous business benefits to WSYBCSU – it helps them adhere to legislative controls, and ensures that the security of their IT infrastructure is automatically and continuously maintained and they were able to share data securely.

Try it out!

To see how DatAnywhere can work for your organization, give DatAnywhere a try.  You can download our free version instantly.  It takes about 30 minutes to install, it’s fully featured, the first 5 users are free, and you can upgrade any time.


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