C24 awarded G-Cloud 5 place

C24 has been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 5 government framework, enabling C24 to deliver cloud services to government and public sector organisations.

Our experience in enterprise application hosting meant that we were well placed to serve government clients, who need secure, enterprise hosting services in a flexible and scalable model.

C24 are working with a number of organisations who are looking at how cloud services could benefit their storage operations.  C24 really offer differentiation by delivering an on-premise cloud storage solution; where clients can consume the storage as a service and pay for it based on the amount of storage used rather than investing heavily in infrastructure upfront which can be costly and risky to the organisation.

The government’s G Cloud plan is for 50% of new IT spending to move to the cloud by 2015, but understandably some government organisations have been reluctant to put all of their data and operations into the Public cloud.

This is where C24 really differentiates itself, by offering a solution that Public sector organisations can start with, whilst retaining control before scaling to more cloud services in the future.  C24’s Storage as a Service solution allows organisations to buy through G-Cloud but keep their infrastructure on site, where they can see and access it, however the storage is delivered to the customer as a service.  This has a number of benefits for public sector clients who want the peace of mind of knowing where the solution is housed (on site at their own datacentre) yet also need the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

The Storage as a Service solution from C24 offers an easier and more secure path for Public sector customers who don’t want to put all of their data into a faceless public cloud, where data may not stay in the UK and SLAs are dependent on a number of third party providers.

To find out more about C24’s G-Cloud offering, please visit the Cloud store directly here: http://govstore.service.gov.uk/cloudstore/5-g4-0909-001 or by contacting C24 directly at info@c24.co.uk .


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