A ‘pitchy’ business…..how to pitch an idea

One of the best pitches I have ever seen….please enjoy


Ironically a recent study by Nielsen stated:

As it turns out, there are several common building blocks among the best-performing ads, regardless of category or brand. What are they?

  1. Storytelling: Great advertising almost always tells us a good story. Great ads have cogent, understandable and entertaining storylines that engage the audience and pull them into the world of the advertised brand. If your brand isn’t telling a good story, it should be.
  2. Simplicity: Simpler is generally better, and this applies to advertising too. A simple story well told is easily remembered. Too many cuts and complex stories create confusion and obscure your storyline. It’s that simple.
  3. Relatable situations: Ads that are “for people like me” are more effective. They speak directly to the consumer and what they care about. Including situations and characters that viewers can relate to make it easier for viewers to engage and care about your advertising.
  4. Humor: Audience-appropriate humor is another hallmark of great ads. What an 18-year-old guy attending high school and a 65-year-old retired schoolteacher find funny is probably not the same. Age appropriate humor can uplift your audience’s spirits and contribute mightily to memorability.
  5. Branding: The best ads have strong branding by definition. An ad can’t be a strong ad if no one remembers that it’s for your brand. Well-branded ads communicate their brand through both audio and video, and they use brand cues early and often. Often, they use mnemonic devices—iconic characters or music that immediately identify the brand.




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