10 Reasons Why You Should Care About iBeacon

As you may already know, iBeacon was announced and released by Apple as part of iOS7 for the primary purpose to enhance location services and connect the physical with the digital. Currently all 250+ Apple retail stores in the US have rolled out iBeacon and have begun sending targeted messages to consumers as they shop around and enter their stores- and it is pretty cool I have tried it. What is interesting is that iBeacon has been gaining momentum back in the news in the past few months, a number of retailers and brands begun to market test the technology ranging everything from fast food chains, sporting stadiums to major banks- with no hints of it slowing down.  As adoption rates of the technology begin to grow, it is important to understand its impact and what lays ahead for the future of iBeacon technology for both consumers and marketers.

Below are 10 reasons why you should care about iBeacon:

  1. Consumers are increasingly expecting seamless digital to physical experiences and it will grow only further-with already Safeway,MLB stadiums,Starwood Hotels and even private toll roads ( just to name a few) are rolling out their own iBeacon supported integration.
  2. Both Apple and Paypal are exploring payments using BLE, encouraging developers to build apps that leverage the technology (Paypal beacon and Apple Passbook).
  3. There is an estimated total of 110million+ iphone 4s/5/5C sold around the  world-which has the latest BLE technology required to activate iBeacon.
  4. 20% of Android phone phones globally have Android 4.3 or later running (latest BLE technology required to activate iBeacon).
  5. The actual beacons  use low energy so they last an average of up to 3+ years and cost only  $100 for a set of three.
  6. Retail foot traffic is down almost 50% in the past three years in total across the US and expected to decrease even further.
  7. Digital sales are growing at the expense of offline sales- Ecommerce is projected to hit $1.2 trillion this year.
  8. 68% of smartphone owners have already enabled push notifications for previously installed apps.
  9. Roughly 50% of consumers download an app in order to/or expect to receive exclusive coupons or sales offers from that brand.
  10. Competing and custom alternative beacon support is already being introduced by numerous companies to support both Android and iphone and this industry is projected to grow even further in 2014.


Thanks to http://moesheikha.com/2014/04/28/top-10-reasons-why-you-should-care-about-ibeacon-technology/



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