What You May Have Missed

1. There were many articles on #Heartbleed this week, and if you only have time to read one very interesting article about it,  this is the one.  Bruce Schneier, this blog’s favorite security expert, calls Heartbleed “catastrophic”, and thankfully he provides a link to an app that can check a site’s vulnerability to this deadly bug.

2. A big win for citizens’ privacy rights: the European Court of Justice outlaws retaining personal metadata by telco operators and ISPs.

3. Move over fitness wearables, Disney attempts to give visitors the most personalized experience with RFID-enabled wristbands, MagicBands.

4. New York parent groups and privacy advocates stopped 2.7 million education recordsfrom being uploaded to centralized database.

5. [Report] The Government Accountability Office found that “the number of reported information security incidents involving personally identifiable information has more than doubled over the last several years.” Bottom line: Federal Agencies Need to Enhance Responses to Data Breaches.


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