Breaking down Cisco’s Cloud plan for Internet of Things

The classic saying goes, ”put your money where your mouth is.” Well, after Cisco’s latest announcement, it’s clear the company is laying down some serious money on where its mind is at, and where the company is headed.

Here’s the headline: Cisco is investing $1 billion to develop a cloud solution to deliver the Internet of Things. Just as the company’s technology is the backbone of the Internet, Cisco is hoping this cloud, developed with partners, will be the necessary infrastructure to power a world where billions and trillions of sensors transfer data across the globe.

Here are the beats for what Cisco has planned.

  • Cisco announced Intercloud, a linked chain of datacenters providing services designed to capitalize on the Internet of Things. Intercloud is a “cloud of clouds”
  • Over the next two years, Cisco will invest $1 billion in Intercloud
  • The company says Intercloud will be the world’s first open, hybrid cloud
  • The InterCloud will support the “The Internet of Everything,” which could be capable of billions of connections, and trillions of events
  • One of the most important items in the announcement is: “Infinite” scalability and compliance with local data sovereignty laws.
  • Cisco will partner with Allstream, Canopy, Ingram Micro, Logicalis Group, MicroStrategy, OnX Managed Services, SunGard Availability Services and Wipro
  • Cisco did not bury item #6, but it raises a pretty important question for IoT going forward; who or what political body governs sensors that report activity-based actions and pre-defined automated responses as they travel throughout the world. The protection of this data is a privacy, confidentiality and security issue.

If internet users have an issue with who can see what content they consume and where they navigate to, what will they think when their desired behaviors and personal (health, vitals, location, etc.,) information is being transmitted?

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