Varonis DatAdvantage Delivers Vital Intelligence to Keep ING DIRECT Secure

Responsible for over 1.4 million customers, ING DIRECT chose Varonis to ensure its systems are secure and that customers’ interests are protected at all times.

With Varonis DatAdvantage, the bank is now able to monitor who is accessing and changing records to guarantee that all actions are authorized. It also allows ING DIRECT to visualize and manage permissions, which helps to meet regulatory obligations.

Kash Sharma, Identity Management for ING DIRECT, explains:

“Being a bank, we monitor practically everything an individual does on our network. For example, we have payments that are scheduled to be sent overnight to other banks and financial institutions. There is a cut-off point when these files are no longer allowed to be modified. DatAdvantage allows us to schedule and circulate a report that details each time the files are changed or modified, at what time, and by whom. Someone then manually checks the reports to make sure that everything has been authorized and conducted correctly and that none have been tampered or interfered with.”


Read the full case study here.



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