Gigaom analyst Paul Miller just published a fresh research paper on applying big data analytics to human-generated data.  Check it out, it’s a great read!

This Gigaom Pro whitepaper is 100% for our readers.

What is human-generated data, you ask?  It’s the documents, spreadsheets, emails, text messages, etc. that you create, read, modify, delete, and share every single day.

Much like machine-generated data, mining human-generated data has yielded transformative insights for businesses in the form of reduced risk, increased productivity, better regulatory compliance, and lower operational costs.

In this report, Paul answers:

  • How does human-generated and machine-generated data differ?
  • What results have early analysis efforts returned?
  • What’s next for big data analytics after risk reduction and security?
  • What industries will see the greatest benefit from big data analytics?
  • What tools and techniques are available to better protect human-generated data?

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