We’ve reached the point in big data’s innovation cycle where many of the barriers have been broken down and we are seeing some mind-blowing results—solutions that actually work and make businesses, and lives, substantially better.

I could point you to a research paper or two, but in my opinion, there’s no better way to insert yourself into the center of the big data world than to follow the brilliant minds who are in the trenches, building self-repairing nano-circuits and tackling cancer.

So, here’s my pick of 5 big data brains to follow:

1. Sean Gourley @sgourley

Dr. Sean Gourley founded Quid. He has studied mathematical patterns around war and terrorism. Previously he worked at NASA on self-repairing nano-circuits. He’s currently based in San Francisco where he builds tools to augment human intelligence.

[VIDEO] Big Data and the Rise of Augmented Intelligence: Sean Gourley at TEDxAuckland

2. Hilary Mason @hmason

Hilary Mason is a Data Scientist in Residence at Accel, a Scientist Emeritus at bitly and the co-founder of HackNY. Her work with HackNY helps to empower groups of student technologists through hackathons. She is an active mentor to Betaspring, the Providence, and TechStars New York – the startup accelerator.

[VIDEO] Dirty Secrets of Data Science by Hilary Mason

3. Jeff Hammerbacher @hackingdata

Jeff Hammerbacher worked as a quantitative analyst on Wall Street, and later conceived, built, and led the Data team at Facebook (absorbing 500+TB per day?!). He is currently the Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Cloudera, a leading Apache Hadoop-based software and services company.

[VIDEO] Jeffrey Hammerbacher on Charlie Rose

4. Jeremy Howard @jeremyphoward

Jeremy Howard is President and chief scientist of Kaggle, a big data competition marketplace. He is the Founder of FastMail.FM, and Optimal Decisions Group. He has contributed to open source projects, in particular the Perl programming language,

[VIDEO] Jeremy Howard of Kaggle speaks about Big Data at the University of San Francisco

5. Michael Driscoll @medriscoll

Michael Driscoll has built data platforms in life sciences, online retail, and digital media. He started as a software engineer for the Human Genome Project, and later founded CustomInk.com the custom apparel company. He is Chairman at Dataspora, helping deliver data science to telcos, insurance firms, and retail banks.

[VIDEO] Michael Driscoll, CEO, Metamarkets at the NYC Data Business Meetup

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