Are Your Employees Stealing Data Without Realizing It? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever sent work documents to your personal email or cloud account?

Did you delete them when you were done? How about when you left the company?

Varonis conducted a short survey at several industry events this year to estimate how much confidential information is being leaked beyond corporate walls.  The results are in and nearly 30%of respondents said they store corporate data in personal accounts. What’s more, 5% admit to uploading confidential information.

In many cases, employees don’t realize the risks involved or that they might be breaching their NDA.  Surprisingly, 44% claim not to have signed an NDA at all.

Our findings underscore the need for companies to clearly communicate the value of their IP and the expectations for its protection to its employees.

Download the full report to see what else we found, including stats about what happens to corporate data residing in personal accounts when employees walk out the door.

Are Employees Stealing Data Without Realizing It [Infographic]


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