Speed Summary: Media Meshing vs. Media Stacking (Ofcom Report 2013)

Fast Facts

Digital TV

  • Proportion of UK homes with digital TV Q1 2013 97%
  • Minutes spent watching TV per day (person aged 4+) 241 (4 hours)
  • Proportion of homes with a DVR 53% Radio
  • Proportion of radio listeners with a DAB radio in their household 44%
  • Proportion of listener hours through a digital platform (DAB, online DTV 34%
  • Minutes spent listening to radio per day (among radio listeners) 170 (2 hours, 50 minutes)
  • Number of local radio stations broadcasting on analogue (excluding community stations) 338
  • Number of community radio stations currently on air 207 Number of national radio stations (analogue and DAB) 27


  • Total household internet take-up 80%
  • Number of fixed residential broadband connections 21.7 million (Dec 2012)
  • Proportion of adults with broadband (fixed and mobile) 75%
  • Proportion of adults with mobile broadband 5%
  • Superfast broadband take-up (proportion of non-corporate connections) 17.5%
  • Average actual broadband speed 12.0Mbit/s (Nov 2012)
  • Proportion of homes with a PC or Laptop 79%
  • Proportion of people who use their mobile to access the internet 49%
  • Number of mobile broadband subscriptions (dongles/PC datacard) 4.917m (Dec 2012)

Fixed and mobile telephony

  • Number of residential fixed landlines 24.4 million (Dec 2012)
  • Number of fixed landlines in the UK, including ISDN channels 33.1 million (Dec 2012)
  • Proportion of adults who personally own/use a mobile phone 92%
  • Proportion of adults with a smartphone 51%
  • Proportion of adults who live in a mobile-only home 15%
  • Proportion of prepay mobile subscriptions 39%
  • Number of text messages sent per mobile subscriber per month 153 (2012)


  • Addressed mail volume in 2012 15.7bn items
  • Approximate no. items received by residential consumers per week 8.4
  • Approximate no. items sent by residential consumers per month 7.7


Thanks to http://digitalinnovationtoday.com/



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