How to Double VM Density with ioTurbine

Slow disk I/O limits virtual machine (VM) density in servers, and that restricts customers from realizing one of the greatest benefits of virtualization: consolidation. When disk I/O is too slow, you have to use more server hardware and buy more software licenses for virtualization to perform well enough.

ioTurbine is an innovative caching software approach that allows users to double the number of VMs on industry standard servers and virtualize mission critical applications, while integrating seamlessly into existing SAN or NAS storage.

Watch this video to see the benefits of ioTurbine in action.

A new white paper illustrates these benefits, comparing the performance of virtual machines running off a storage array to performance of virtual machines using ioTurbine caching software on ioMemory.

A single virtual machine’s performance on ioMemory is five times that of a VM on disk. This makes ioTurbine an ideal solution for virtualizing I/O-intensive applications like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases, while supporting VM mobility features such as vMotion and HA. See Virtualizing Critical Applications with ioTurbine.

As more VMs are added, the ioTurbine performance scales, enabling 20 high-performance VMs to run on a server that could support just 10 VMs without caching.

Users looking to increase VM density—either by virtualizing performance-sensitive applications currently running on bare metal or by increasing the number of VMs on servers— should consider ioTurbine intelligent caching with ioMemory.


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