Google meets Walmart

A week after the Google I/O developer conference, it would seem the tech blogosphere is still in a post coitus haze over the amount of forward thinking-service intergrade goodies Google sprayed on the audience throughout the opening Keynote.

Admittedly the 3 hour and 39 min opening keynote was chalked full of some much needed cohesive vertical integration of their various services. For what felt like a week, Google expounded on the deep level of developer API’s, explored new services like Google All Access, and waxed poetic on lofty ideas for the future. This I/O seemed to me, to be by far their most impressive and substantial to date. With that being said, this years I/O does leave me with a certain lingering resignation that Google may have just become the Walmart of the internet.

Due to their income structure, Google has effectively been able to corner several markets by being the cheaper alternative. From Android to Google Docs, Google has been able to manipulate their large cash revenues from online advertisement to supplement their various endeavors without so much as wink to the financial burdens or consequences. It would seem Google’s most effective strategy was to become a hyper focused conduit for business to reach customers in the age of the internet. I’d liken the situation to T.V. networks upon the boon of television. Back then, for a business to have any hope in reaching beyond a local market, they had to play nice with the television networks to showcase their ads. Google’s strategy is proving challenging for the likes of Apple and Microsoft who rely on direct sales for their respective services as well. Mimicking the competitive landscape of the sales market that includes Lowes, Ralph’s or a Target; I see Google as the undercutting widely adopted Walmart of devices and software.




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