Varonis Privacy and Trust Report

Even in an age of social media and voracious over-sharing, there are still times we need privacy online. When we engage in old-fashioned point-to-point communication, we expect the person or business at the other end to ensure that our interactions remain private. But it’s complicated.

In a new study conducted by Varonis, 91% of respondents say they trust businesses to keep their data safe despite a rise in breaches that now affects nine out of ten companies. In addition to expecting absolute security from service providers, the survey shows that 53% of consumers would be willing to pay a premium for organizations that reliably protect their data.

At the same time, consumer online habits have room for improvement. Though almost three out of four password protect their mobile phones, an alarmingly high 67% say they send unencrypted personal information in their emails.

Download the full report to learn how consumers deal with security and privacy challenges in their digital lives.

Download the Report

Enjoy, share, embed our infographic:

Varonis Privacy and Trust Report


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