3 Ways Retailers Can Create Relevant & Personalized Promotions

Did you know, only 31%* of Americans find rewards-program communications extremely relevant and only 12%* of consumers feel that there is any value in being loyal to their favorite brands?  These numbers are a plea for better loyalty program experiences and more relevant and personalized promotions.  Here are a few suggestions  for retailers looking for some tips on how to create more relevant and personalized experiences.

1.  Avoid set it and forget it mentality
Always consider the environment, pay attention to seasonality, holidays, and special events to avoid missing our on valuable opportunities to engage your audience. The Baltimore Ravens may have won the Super Bowl this past Sunday but Oreo was the real winner. Their tweet, “You can still dunk in the dark.” sent out within minutes of the Superdome blackout garnered the cookie company over 15,540 retweets and almost 6,000 favorites. Compare this free publicity to the cost of a TV commercial that would have set the company back a cool $3.8 million. Oreo’s well-timed tweet is a great example of the value of communicating with your audience in a relevant way.

Oreo Twitter Feed

2.  Offer valuable incentives and rewards
Can you believe that over 16 billion* rewards go un-redeemed?  This says a great deal about the perceived value of loyalty programs rewards. A couple of ways that loyalty programs are going about providing more personal and relevant rewards are by offer members to exercise flexible reward and points redemption that can be used at other businesses or allowing members to donate unused rewards to causes. For example, AMEX has the MembersGive program. The program makes it possible for members to donate their unused rewards to a charity of choice. By allowing flexible reward redemption AMEX has identified a socially responsible, relevant, and personalized way of rewarding members for their loyalty.

3.  Don’t treat every customer the same
The phrase, “GILT sends a lot of emails”, is quite the understatement. Within a single minute of noon, every member of the flash sale site will receive one of 3,000 versions of GILT”s daily message – talk about extreme personalization!  Emails are custom tailored to each GILT customer, depending on purchase history, brand preferences, sales viewed,  and even size. CMO, Alexandra Wilkis-Wilson reports that applying these tactics to create more personalized email communication has contributing to a lift of 9%-10% in sales conversions.

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