new report from e-commerce platform provider Demandware has identified a new kind of shopper. Called the “Digital Diva,” she owns more than two-thirds of fashion purchasing power and is a force fashion retailers will need to reckon with.

Based on a survey of more than 7,000 shoppers in the US, UK Germany and France conducted in partnership with the Univeristy of Arizona, the report revealed that this group, which comprises 22 percent of the fashion market, is highly engaged with fashion merchandise, extremely brand conscious and avidly uses multiple digital technologies including smart phones, tablets, laptops, in-storie kiosks and points-of-sale.

Digital Divas by the Numbers


  • The majority (27%) are in the US
  • 23% hail from Germany
  • 18% are UK-based
  • 15% reside in France


  • 53% female
  • 47% male (I suppose these guys could be referred to as “divos.”)

Other Demographics

  • 64% are 25-44 years old
  • 68% have children
  • 71% are the primary wage earners

Purchasing Power

What makes this group most significant is that, though they make up only 22% of the market, their purchasing power represents 69% of all fashion spend in Europe and the US. Further, they heavily influence purchase decisions by others, and both report on and curate their own shopping experience for the benefit of others.

Their shopping is not online only. In fact, they are hardly immune to brick-and-mortar shopping as they value the tactile nature of the in-store experience. Don’t be surprised, however, when you see them using a mobile device to comparison shop while in the store. They are two times more likely to do so.

They are knowledgeable – “information omnivores” is how the report describes them – extremely active on social networks, and brand loyal. However, they can be swayed by brands that appeal to what these divas consider important.

The report contains much more information that is included here. See the infographic below, which summarizes the key points.


 Thanks to social commerce today



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