What is really at risk that we need to protect it ???

The most important thing you can identify is re-think the way you look at data and security. You must understand what is really at risk and then protect it.  Below are five key principles that you must remember when it comes to protecting your data:

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1.    ALL data has value.
No matter how harmless or insignificant a bit of information may seem, it can probably be used by someone and they are willing to pay for it.

2.    Data” means all communication or information.
This may include many things that some may not have considered data such as VoIP calls, e-mails, etc.

3.    You must assume all data sent in the clear can be easily collected, mined replicated and stored.
Over time, mass amounts of data can be collected and sifted through to gain a pretty good view of an organization.

4.    Once stolen, data can be sold and used repeatedly by multiple people or groups.
Just because your data is stolen once, doesn’t mean it will only be used once.

5.    Security measures should focus on protecting “the thing of value” rather than preventing “events”.
You can’t predict how, when or where an event will take place. This type of defense is always reactionary. Sometimes the event is undetected.

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