Business Intelligence for all business

Looking at the information below truly highlights what big businesses are looking at in terms of their technology. It has been recognised for many years that forward thinking businesses have adopted certain technology and increased market share, customer satisfaction or any number of other important business metrics.

The term CEO is usually associated with businesses of a certain size who have the money, people and often the products that enables them to fully benefit from adopting technologies, thus enabling them to, often dominate their chosen markets.

Business Intelligence has always been relatively expensive, difficult to install and has a significant ongoing cost that has seen smaller mid-market players shy away from even attempting to use it. This is where the sales pitch enters for Bi24, C24s leading business intelligence solution that has all the strengths of a traditional solution but has been developed for today’s market.

Most companies we work with have a number of locations, numerous sales staff on the road and a number of large clients that are expecting more and more from the relationship. Key business differentiation is notoriously hard to create, and usually it is replicated quite quickly, so these businesses are building on their client relationships, retention strategies and increasing client spend.

Addressing these areas are where we have seen a tremendous growth in the use of our flagship business intelligence tool Bi24. The beauty of the solution is:

– It is easy to install
– It can interrogate multiple data sources simultaneously
– It is based on a cost per user per month
– The solution is non cubed and is based on Google type technology
– The pricing has been created so that all employees can benefit from making accurate decisions
– It is agile and information can be delivered to mobile devices and tablets

If you would like to see the solution in action please visit or call us it will be worth the chance….

Strategic Value


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