7 Recommendations for Data Protection by Forrester’s Andras Cser

by David Gibson

Last week Varonis hosted a webinar on using strong identify context to help protect data, where I was joined by Andras Cser of Forrester. Andras shared really interesting insights on the impact of data breaches, what got stolen, how they happened, and what you can do to better protect yourself.

On topic of entitlement reviews, Andras shared, “You have to get into a fairly rigid and rigorous structure of attestations, and basically that means you would want to have a campaign that runs every quarter, clearly understand the mappings between people, groups and resources that they’re accessing, and have managers look at their employees’ access rights, data elements, data access, and also application users should be granted some way of overseeing who has access to the data their application actually generates.”

Andras also shared illuminating key case studies from organizations that are protecting hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of data that are growing at 1-2.5% per week. It was fun for me to hear a fresh perspective on what works and what doesn’t when you’re trying to manage and protect data at scale.

Some of Andras’ recommendations were:

To see all seven of Andras’ recommendations, register to download and watch the full data protection webinar here.


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