Groupon targets restaurants with Breadcrumb iPad payment system

Groupon is pushing harder into payments and accelerating its pursuit of Square with therelease of a new iPad point of sale system designed for restaurants, bars and cafes. Groupon is introducing Breadcrumb, an iPad payment service that builds off of Groupon’s acquisition of startup Breadcrumb in May.

The service — which encompasses an iPad, iPad stand, a mobile app, cash drawer, credit card swipe, printer, router and wireless access –  will work with Groupon’s recently introduced Payments system. It will give restaurants and hospitality customers a way to update their point of sale systems and will allows employees to take orders, search for and manage menu items, process payments, split checks and view real-time sales data.

Pricing starts at $99 a month for a one-iPad system and goes up to $399 for up to 10 iPads. The plans do not include price of hardware. Groupon will install the system for free and will offer 24/7 customer support. Groupon will charge 1.8 percent + $0.15 flat for every swiped Visa, Mastercard and Discover transaction, the same as Groupon Payments, which also charges 3 percent and $0.15 for American Express transactions.

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