Rhapsody Tunes Performance Scaling

Rhapsody’s digital music service gives subscribers unlimited on-demand access to more than 16 million songs and promises best-in-class service no matter what device its customers use. As Rhapsody’s customer base has expanded and its database of songs has grown, the demand on its supporting IT infrastructure increased to the point where latency issues became a problem.

Rhapsody’s VP of Platform and Operations Heng Cao solved these challenges with Fusion’s ioMemory. After implementing ioMemory on its Oracle database content management system, batch processing job times ran ten times faster.

Seeing this success, Heng added ioMemory to Rhapsody’s transactional database, which sped job times 8X.

Heng even found he could meet his High Availability needs with Oracle Data Guard. “With the ioDrive2s, we now have the capacity to host Oracle Data Guard replicated databases within the servers, while still leaving plenty of room for future growth,” he told us.

But best of all, the cost savings of the Fusion Powered solution paid for itself. Heng said, “We realized 100% ROI just on the cost of the Oracle database licenses we would have needed had we implemented a storage-based system.”

Heng is thrilled with his Fusion Powered systems and is looking to implement ioDrive2s in other I/O-constrained systems. “Based on success in production, we are currently deploying ioMemory into our preproduction environment to boost development and testing productivity, and are seeing great success.”


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