Extreme Performance, Lower Cost: HP’s New Data Accelerator Solution for Oracle Database

We first talked about the HP Data Accelerator Solution for Oracle Database in December 2011 in our blog. Recently, HP revised this solution and whitepaper with an option for high availability using Oracle Data Guard, enabling the creation of a multi-server solution which guards against hardware or database failures by eliminating single points of failure. This is HP’s Recommended Architecture for OLTP with Business Continuity and is based on the HP ProLiant DL980 server configured with Fusion-powered HP IO Accelerators as the keystone of the solution.

The HP Data Accelerator Solution for Oracle Database delivers extreme performance for OLTP database workloads without an extreme price tag, without high operating costs, and without locking you or your IT budget into an all-Oracle server solution. HP starts with the enterprise-class HP ProLiant DL980 server and replaces traditional external mechanical storage with HP IO Accelerators—PCIe-based high-capacity, enterprise-quality flash-memory modules. Using IO Accelerators as a new in-server storage memory tier moves terabytes of process-critical data closer to the server processor to dramatically improve performance. You can accomplish this performance boost by either offloading the database’s most active data sets or hosting the entire database on the IO Accelerators, which have microsecond data access latencies—orders of magnitude lower latency than traditional storage. The result is a database solution which can deliver more than four times the transaction throughput of a competitive Oracle Exadata solution at half the acquisition cost and one-quarter the operational cost, according to the whitepaper.

Note that all data reported in this paper is based on HP’s testing performed with Gen1 IO Accelerators and completed prior to the availability of HP’s current, Gen2 IO Accelerators, which provide roughly double the capacity and performance. So while this solution with Gen1 IO Accelerators does offer compelling advantages, use of the Gen2 IO Accelerators in this solution can deliver significantly higher transaction throughput, better cost economics and other benefits.

By deploying IO Accelerators in the server, the solution configuration is very compact – it requires 70% less datacenter space than comparable traditional server configurations. It’s also substantially simpler and more open than other solutions, including the rigid and inflexible Exadata. HP built this solution, with its capacity for multi-terabyte databases, from the ground up for OLTP workloads, rather than re-treading a data warehouse design. With IO Accelerators, the maximum capacity for the HP DL980 server is 25.2 terabytes, (six 2.4TB and nine 1.2TB IO Accelerators).

Get the full HP Whitepaper to learn more about this new HP Data Accelerator Solution for Oracle Database.

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