Topshop to Debut Interactive, Shoppable Livestream During London Fashion Week

Imagine watching a fashion show live online, thousands of miles away from the actual event. A look comes down the runway, you click on it, and are able to browse all of its color options and add it to your cart without pausing the livestream. You could even, if you were quick enough, place an order for that look before the show finale began. Sounds pretty futuristic, if not entirely possible, doesn’t it?

This is exactly what global high street retailer Topshop is planning to unveil during the livestream of its S/S 2013 show at London Fashion Week at 3 p.m. GMT on Sunday. Viewers will not only be able to click on clothes and accessories to browse color options in real-time, they’ll also be able to change the music, download the show soundtrack from iTunes, snap screenshots to share instantly on Facebook (a feature that was developed with in-house Facebook engineers), cut and share video clips, and order looks and makeup appearing on the catwalk

Love the technology around this idea, hopefully the conversion rates/interest will see other brands try something similar, even the non fashion businesses.


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