The Healthcare Market Opportunityy

Over the past 6 months there have been a number of data breaches within the healthcare market. With data security breaches costing the U.S. healthcare industry about $6.5 billion a year1 and even with the recognition of these breaches, 50% of respondents to RedSpin’s (an IT security audit firm) say nothing is being done to protect data2, the healthcare market represents a huge opportunity for managed service provider’s to provide cloud backup and recovery services to address this growing issue.

Market Opportunity Abound

With the size and frequency of data breaches alarming the health care industry, now is the time to capitalize on these unfortunate security concerns by stressing the benefits that cloud backup services offer in terms of keeping records secure as well as ensuring Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. With more than 19 million individuals affected by major healthcare information breaches since September 2009 and data breaches from unencrypted devices having increased 525% in 2011, this represents a huge market opportunity for managed services providers already selling services into the healthcare market, or those looking to sell to the healthcare market. Not just every managed service provider can effectively ensure adequate healthcare clinic / hospital data protection so ensure you can speak their vernacular and understand all the compliances and regulations required. As a managed service provider looking to offer or already offering cloud backup services, in order to go after the healthcare market, you need to ensure you have a HIPAA compliant cloud backup platform in place with a FIPS 140-2 certification being a huge bonus.

Why Healthcare Clinics/Hospitals Should Invest in Cloud Backup Services from Managed Service Providers to Protect Patient Privacy?

Investing in cloud backup services ensures a secure backup system for healthcare clinics/hospitals where BYOD is prevalent (as well as those that are not) – as not all backup can protect endpoint devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. Investing in newer technologies improves the reliability and speed of recovery for patient data should there be a disaster and minimizes risk of data theft or loss by utilizing the highest encryption security possible ensuring data is encrypted in flight and at rest and only the healthcare clinic/hospital has the ability to decrypt. It also eliminates the shortcomings of tape backup which includes being expensive, vulnerable to obsolescence, potential inability to recover data due to tape failure or being lost/stolen when transported off-site.

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