The History of Flash in a Flash

Image representing Fusion-io as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

Many people don’t know that flash isn’t really all that new. While it’s only gained popularity in the past decade, flash was invented more than 25 years ago to be used as a new form of memory. Over the years though, developers instead implemented it as storage because flash memory is persistent, like disk drives.

The history of flash is so interesting, our team at Fusion-io wanted to share a bit of it with the world. So we created this whiteboard video to show how flash has changed the world we live in and is now powering the digital age. Along the way, we also reveal the secrets behind the Fusion ioMemory difference.

So take a few minutes and learn how flash is powering both sides of the Internet, how you can unlock its true potential, and how it’s changing the world.


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