Get to know Asigra cloud back-up in 7 minutes. Asigra is the power behind datastore24

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new video: “Technical Features of Asigra Cloud Backup“. In only 7 minutes viewers can get to know Asigra Cloud Backup and Recovery including how the features/benefits associated with the solution deliver business benefits to small, midsize and enterprise organizations worldwide.

This is a multi chapter technical video that highlights how secure, fast and reliable the agentless turnkey platform is for service providers, SMBs and the Enterprise. Each chapter is focused on a separate feature and the business benefits that the feature delivers to SMBs and the Enterprise. Highlights include how versatile the platform is for Mac, Linux or Windows; public, hybrid, or private cloud deployments; server, desktop, laptop or mobile device protection and how the platform ensures the highest levels of security for peace of mind.

Asigra Cloud Backup enables managed service providers to provide their customers with the ability to align the value of data with the cost of protecting it. The technology simplifies cloud backup and recovery by meeting the data protection requirements of small, medium and large enterprise businesses with a single multi-tenanted, hardware-agnostic platform. The result is that customers retain their data with service providers for a longer period of time in greater volume allowing a maximized recurring revenue opportunity.

So sit back, relax and watch your way to learning about our easy to use, reliable and secure Cloud Backup and Recovery software platform!

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