Measuring the growth and adoption of cloud computing

As data and information grows rapidly online, cloud computing represents an efficient way to manage that digital explosion. But, how do you measure the growth of the cloud? And, what is the current state of cloud adoption globally. This video from AMD provides insight into those important questions, while also detailing the crucial importance of the underlying infrastructure of the cloud.

Here are some of the facts that you’ll learn in the short video above:
•It is estimated there are nearly 2 Billion Internet users worldwide
•In the time it takes to watch this video 140 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube (4 minute video X 35)
•There were approximately 11.6 billion Google searches in the US in April 2011 alone
•Today’s businesses are creating nearly 10 zettabytes of data per year worldwide, which equates to a 5.6 billion mile-high stack of books, reaching from Earth to Neptune and back, repeated about 20 times a year

Cloud Computing represents an efficient way to handle the explosion of digital data. Click here to view recent research commissioned by AMD and presented in the report title “Adoption, Approaches & Attitudes: The Future of Cloud Computing in the Public and Private Sectors”.


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