Top business drivers for ERP / BI connection

Top business drivers impacting ERP strategies:

– must reduce costs

– need to improve customer experience

– need to manage growth expectations

– interoperability issues across locations

– need to improve customer response time


Top requirements behind BI deployments:

– improve speed of access to relevant business data

– address data related to more areas of the business

– provide BI capability to more end users

– complete BI deployments faster

– expand BI access to external users


Top ERP implementation strategies:

– streamline and accelerate business processes

– standardise business processes

– provide visibility across functions and departments

– modernise technology infrastructure and applications

– optimise the use of current capacity


Top strategic actions for BI:

– improve ease of use of BI solution

– invest in technology to automate BI deployment

– deploy BI enterprise-wide

– establish BI access for external stakeholders


Best-in-class knowledge management capabilities:

– automation of report generation and delivery to end-users

– ability to monitor usage levels of the BI system

To achieve best-in-class performance, companies must:

– take an integrated approach to ERP and BI projects

– create cross-functional teams for implementation and continuous improvement of ERP; use BI to extract intelligence at each step

– take an exception management approach; use BI, workflow, and event management to manage alerts and notifications


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