Best Practices for Deploying ioMemory in VDI Environments

Image representing Fusion-io as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

Fusion Powered VDI servers deliver uncompromised I/O to support a guaranteed number of users at a far lower cost than centralized storage.

The benefits of Fusion-io for VDI are significant, and include the following:

  • More virtual desktops per virtual server
  • High performance even during peak loads
  • Faster clone generation
  • Low latency for faster end user desktop experiences
  • Reduced reliance on expensive, complex external storage
  • Lower overall cost per desktop

VMware View VDI environments are ideal for ioMemory. The figure below illustrates a Fusion Powered VDI architecture.

Figure 1. Example ioMemory and VMware View VDI architecture

Fusion’s Technical Guide 209 – Deploying ioMemory in VMware Environments provides information on how to use ioMemory, VMware View 5.x, and ESXi 5 in VDI configurations to increase desktop performance and density, while lowering costs. For example, you can provision 100 or more virtual desktop sessions per server, with the ability to scale overall installation nearly linearly by adding more servers — while minimizing external storage costs.

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