20 million iPads sold in June 2012 quarter : Why?


  • 12 NFL teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals, the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens, have replaced their paper playbooks with iPads
  • A growing number of airlines, including United Airlines, have replaced their paper pilot manuals with iPads
  • Other airlines, such as British Airways, are using iPads to manage their passenger lists, while still others such as Singapore Airlines and Quantas are using iPads as passenger entertainment centers
  • Both the Polish Parliament and Dutch Senate have substituted iPads for paper printouts of the documents read by their members
  • The deployment of 26,000 iPads in the San Diego School District, which likely represents the tip of the iceberg
  • One school reported a 10% improvement in the exam scores of students using iPads compared with students using paper books
  • In other schools, iPads are not only replacing textbooks but also personal computers
  • In China, iPads are finding their way into top-tier high schools
  • One quarter of European doctors are reported to already use iPads, a percentage that’s forecast to reach two-thirds in a year
  • iPads helped restructure $270 billion of Greek debt in record time
  • The iPad has found its way into zoos to test the intelligence of primates
  • The iPad is undergoing tests in New York taxicabs as a combination entertainment/payment device
  • SAP has deployed over 12,000 iPads running applications written by the company
  • Level 3 has purchased 1,300 iPads for its sales force, using applications written by Salesforce.com.

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