Summer of 2012 : Video Apples annual developers conference

Apple made quite a splash at its annual developers conference. Although iOS 6 looked like just a bugfix to iOS 5, OS X Mountain Lion and the new MacBook Pro with Retina display grabbed all the eyeballs. Let’s look at the Retina MacBook first. Apple has once again been at the forefront of innovation by making a display which has more pixels than an HDTV. This sets new standards for the competition – they have to catch up, the web – websites are now forced to be forced to be optimised for higher resolution displays, softwares – developers now have to make better use of all those pixels. This is a good thing as it will lead to more innovations and ultimately, the consumer enjoys the fruits.
Then, there was OS X Mountain Lion which is the first step in a fusion between OS X and iOS. Apple looks to have done a better job than Microsoft has done with Windows 8 by maintaining familiar interfaces and gradually changing it instead of pulling off a blinder (no doubt Windows 8 is an excellent OS – read our review of the Consumer Preview here). One thing is certain. Mobile is the future. How touchy it will be is the question.
Embedded below is the complete video of the WWDC 2012 Keynote from YouTube.


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