Deduplication and Autonomic Healing Make Data Recovery Fast and Easy

A data loss event is the stuff of nightmares for businesses. Something goes wrong – a natural disaster, a server crash, tapes are misplaced – and  crucial information is lost and business continuity is threatened.  Preventing this scenario is one of the main reasons businesses have backup and recovery procedures in place.

Backing up and storing data can have a significant impact on the operation of your IT department – performing backups over the network takes up bandwidth and the backup data  can take up significant storage space. That’s why it’s important to use a backup and recovery solution that provides deduplication, one that supports both local and client-side duplication at the LAN level as well on a global level across all protected sites. The solution should identify duplicate data by looking for the same data queued up for backup more than once and compare the data based on content, so it doesn’t matter if the files have different  names or are stored on different servers. After an initial, full backup, the solution should only transmit new or changed data so it doesn’t negatively affect bandwidth.

By eliminating redundant data, data deduplication optimizes the backup environments, reduces costs and makes recovery faster and easier.

However, data deduplication is just one necessary aspect of your cloud backup and recovery solution. Imagine going through the trauma of a data loss event only to find the data you recovered is useless because it is corrupted. Just when you thought you were out of the  frying pan, you find yourself in the fire.

To  keep that worst case scenario from happening, your backup and recovery solution  needs to perform Autonomic Healing. Autonomic Healing acts as an immune system  for your network by constantly scanning all backup data for corrupted files. This can include corrupted files as well as ones with logical inconsistencies  caused by third-party technologies, such as faulty file systems or network  packet loss.  Before the file can cause  any harm, Autonomic Healing sends notifications so a fix can be applied during  the backup process. Autonomic Healing ensures that backup data is constantly in  a valid state, so when it comes time to restore, you have confidence in the  data.

The only cloud backup and recovery solution that  provides you with both deduplication and Autonomic Healing is Asigra Cloud  Backup™. To find out more information on how Asigra Cloud Backup can ensure you can recover and  restore your data to resume business operations quickly, visit


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