BrainPad Accelerates Multiple Web Analytics Systems on Less Hardware : fusion-io

BrainPad, Inc. provides Web-based data mining, business analytics, operational research, and mathematical solutions for businesses. Its L2Mixer service provides business intelligence on end-user pay-per-click behavior, allowing companies to optimize product pricing. BrainPad’s Rtoaster service provides end-users product recommendations based on a behavioral analysis of their browsing patterns.

As both customer base and product line expanded, so did the load on both systems’ databases, which threatened to slow performance. BrainPad needed to increase processing speeds of its L2Mixer solution, increase analysis times of its Rtoaster system, and do both with reduced costs and maintenance. Tsuyoshi Inoue, BrainPad’s Chief Engineering Architect, was impressed with the way Fusion ioDrives resolved all three problems.

Tsuyoshi said, “One batch job [on the PostgreSQL system], which used to take over four hours to complete, ran in less than 30 minutes. The ioDrives also doubled the number of threads we could run in parallel. Performance is high enough that we can now meet the most demanding customer SLAs.”

Shifting the L2Mixer databases from hard disks to the ioDrives cut I/O wait time by more than half, resulting in 29 time faster aggregate data calculation and 10 times faster summary data reports. Moving the Rtoaster’s PostgreSQL database from disks to ioDrives sped batch job processing by 30 times.

“Before adding Fusion-io,” Tsuyoshi explained, “we had to run database maintenance tasks once a week or more just to avoid a serious performance degradation. Now, we can eliminate these tasks altogether, which is quite significant. Our new system is more simpler, more flexible, and easier to modify and improve.”

Want to see more astounding results BrainPad achieved with its Fusion Powered system? Read the BrainPad case study.


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