Lost in the Cloud – Are Businesses Really in Control of Their Data?

Managing and protecting corporate data is a major challenge. As the technology evolves, so must our data protection strategies. Unfortunately, as our March 2012 report on “The State of Data Protection” revealed, most organizations aren’t confident about their data protection practices: 80% of respondents said that they store data belonging to customers, vendors, and other business partners, but only 26% were very confident that the data was protected.

Now, with cloud adoption ramping up, IT is charged with solving a whole new set of data protection problems. Which data should go to the cloud and which data should stay? How do I enforce this? How do I provision and manage access to cloud services? How do I prevent everyone from using their own favorite solution in favor of company sanctioned ones? The list goes on.

To see the effect of cloud services on data protection, Varonis recently surveyed IT workers from over 400 organizations to gauge their adoption of cloud-based collaboration, and their perception of its security. The results indicate that organizations need to formulate their data protection strategy for cloud collaboration now– the controls gaps present with cloud-collaboration in the mix are reminiscent of the gaps reported by those that were “not confident at all“ that their data was secure in our data protection survey. Organizations may well be under pressure to better control the data that makes its way into the cloud.

How bad is it? Here is a sneak preview. Be sure to download the full research report here for an in-depth look at IT’s view of cloud adoption.

Enjoy, share, embed our infographic!

Lost in the Cloud - Are Businesses Really in Control of Their Data?


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