TechValidated: Fusion-io Enhances Server Virtualization

More than ever, companies all over the world are virtualizing their servers to battle server sprawl, improve productivity and maximize system resources. In doing so, many of these companies have discovered that implementing Fusion ioMemory boosts the efficiency of virtualized systems with astounding results. Below are TechValidate survey results displaying just how much improvement companies have experienced with Fusion Powered server virtualization solutions.

Performance Improvement: In this survey, 95 percent of IT organizations using server virtualization achieved three to five times or more performance improvement in application throughput when using ioMemory.

Latency: In addition, 77 percent of companies using server virtualization reported that they decreased average latency by 50 to 74 percent or more by deploying one Fusion ioDrive.

More Virtualized Servers Per Card: One customer at a small business computer software company reported achieving 10 virtualized servers per card. “Fusion offered exactly what we needed — appearance as a block level device to the host OS while providing dramatically faster I/O calls, allowing us to fully virtualize 10 servers per card.”

To see complete TechValidate results, click here.


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