Early Adopters – a Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Anyone who has launched a new product can appreciate the value of an early adopter. Geoffrey Moore, in his book “Crossing the Chasm” helped us understand the challenges new products have in going mainstream. Early adopters are often the difference between a product having the momentum to succeed or falling into the chasm. This wonderful scene from the movie “The Hudsucker Proxy” illustrates the value of an early adopter when it comes to new product marketing:

Having an early adopter can give a new product a huge boost in the market – if, or should I say IF marketing knows how to take advantage of it. The reality is that it’s not enough to have an early adopter; there are other conditions that affect how well an early adopter helps a product succeed. These other conditions are present in an early adopter who:

■Has visibility in your target market.
■Is willing to serve as your “Poster Child” for promotional purposes.
■Is receiving the advertised benefits of your product and ideally has quantified them.

We must say that the video is a really interesting take on early adopters.

Thanks to the guys at Demand Metric


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