Gartner Report: Backup and Disaster Recovery Modernisation

55% of Gartner’s 2011 CIO Survey respondents are currently pursuing modernization, suggesting that the CIO focus enabled funding and implementation of IT DRM modernization.

Once considered an afterthought or a very expensive insurance policy for a low-probability event, IT DRM is increasingly becoming an important data center initiative and an ongoing optimization priority for many client organizations.

In this report, you will find a thorough analysis of Gartner’s findings from their 2011 CIO survey and Gartner’s business recommendations which include:

  • Invest in IT disaster recovery management (IT DRM) modernization to meet increasingly stringent business resilience requirements.
  • Invest in classifying applications and services based on mission-critical requirements to develop appropriate recovery tiers that balance risk mitigation with affordability.
  • Charter a backup modernization initiative to assess current recovery capabilities, scope present and future recovery requirements, and prepare enhancement service options to be addressed.
  • Look to deploy, or more fully deploy, recent proven backup products, such as incremental forever or synthetic full processing, de-duplication, server virtualization improvements, and snapshot and replication integration.



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