The Jury Is In – CEO Choose Big Data Over Social Media

A new studyby McKinsey & Company reveals that less risky and potentially more beneficial realm of Big Data software is a higher priority today than social media integration. The study consisted of 1,500 surveyed CEOs, CFOs and CIOs between April 3 and April 12, 2012.

Almost 50% of respondents stated that they are currently using Big Data to “understand their customers better”, whereas 32% stated they are using social media for “interaction and promotion purposes.” The survey also found:

– 13% did not consider Big Data a priority, so far as stating it was “not on the agenda”

– Over 50% state that flexible delivery platforms are a priority for the next 1-2 business years

– 19% of respondents have deployed digital marketing practices across the enterprise

– 4% used location-based software to target customer promotions

The study also found:

– 52% believe that organizational structures not designed to take advantage of either Big Data or social media priorities

– 51% say that lack of technology infrastructure and IT systems are a significant challenge

– 43% and 31% are having difficulty in finding functional and IT talent, respectively

Big Data and social media do not have to be mutually exclusive. A number of businesses are beginning to integrate the two, using Big Data solutions to analyze business content based on their social media activity.

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