Data point: Mobile disrupts most media

Posted by: in North America

As smartphone adoption grows and attention spans attenuate, people are increasingly multitasking their media consumption. According to recent research published by Google, almost 9 in 10 smartphone owners in the U.S. use their mobile while doing other things, whether watching a movie, playing a video game or reading. We highlighted this phenomenon in our recent report, “15 Ways Mobile Will Change Our Lives.” And our latest report spotlights how marketers are taking advantage of the second screen as more TV viewers sit on the couch with smartphones (or other mobile devices) in hand. Google’s research finds that more than half of U.S. smartphone owners use their device while watching TV. The spike in connected screens and services that link them with the big screen is creating intriguing new possibilities for TV broadcasters and marketers alike.

Google’s report also looks at how people are turning to their mobiles for a growing roster of functions, behavior that will become increasingly prevalent. The data shows that 35 percent of smartphone owners expect to use their device to access the Internet more often in the future. And as more marketers lead shoppers onto their smartphones, m-commerce will become increasingly important to retail. As yet, more than a third of Google’s respondents said they have purchased a product or service on their smartphone, and more than two-thirds of those did so in the previous month. Mobile-optimized sites and location-specific deals will become crucial for capturing shoppers via their smartphones.


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