Cloud, Mobility and Big data – Ordering the trends market size

Cloud Computing is defined as the delivery of IT services on the pay per use basis at the expense of Capex. In Cloud computing, consumers of IT services need not to buy assets but can access IT assets such as infrastructure, platform, software, database, applications etc… as per requirements via internet on pay per use basis.

Mobility is accessing applications through mobiles, specifically smartphones. The concept is to leverage applications as and when required independent of the location.

Big data is managing and analyzing the exploding sets of data. Both Internal data and external available data are getting created and multiplied due to rise of sophisticated technologies, sensors, decoders, social media, smart device, smartphones etc…


Are these trends inter-connected:

Big data is exploding sets of data, would require special storage and computation technologies. These humongous data can be stored and computed on the requirement specific public, private or hybrid cloud. It is also possible to a great extent that some of these data might be created by the use of smartphones and would be leveraged on some of the applications accessed by smartphones.

Hence, Big data applications would require cloud and mobility to store, process and access the applications and data associated.

Cloud Computing facilitates the access of content through internet and as and when required on utility based pricing model. Cloud computing provides the required elasticity and scalability for use and hence accommodates the concept of usage of big data models & techniques. The cloud content can be accessed by smartphones applications.

Hence, Cloud applications can be powered from storage, compute perspective from Big data and accessible perspective through mobiles.

Mobility is accessing wide range of enterprise and consumer applications anywhere and anytime. Mobility is based on the principal of providing enhanced user experience and utility.  To provide the enhanced user experience and utility, applications need to be smart and intelligent and would require big data tools and models for competent analysis of the big data sets. Mobility is considered one of the largest data creation pool and hence the big data play even become more vital. Mobile applications are generally available at a click away i.e. on the internet or accessed via cloud concept. There is an emerging trend to build mobile applications on cloud.

Hence, Mobile applications and data can be stored & computed through Big data and accessed perspective through mobiles.

Market Size for these trends should follow the order:

Posted by Sudhanshu Gupta on May 18, 2012


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