10 Things IT Should Be Doing (But Isn’t): Free On-Demand Webinar

On our last webinar: 10 Things IT Should Be Doing (But Isn’t), we reviewed some of the challenges associated with unstructured data management and protection. IT requires the ability to answer critical questions about data in order to efficiently and effectively protect it. Some of these questions are:

  • Who has access to data?
  • Who has been accessing data?
  • Where is my sensitive data over exposed?
  • How do I fix exposures?

During the webinar we gave an overview of 10 things IT should be doing to answer these and other fundamental questions, and put the answers to productive use. Maintaining a complete audit trail of access activity, an accurate map of permissions, and identifying data owners are a few of the things IT should be doing. We reviewed why each one of the 10 things is important and what to look for in an automated solution.

If you missed our webinar, https://varonis.webex.com/varonis/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=EC&rID=26300867&rKey=eac45ec0eefae25e to play the recording.


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