Data storage is on everyones mind

According to Gartner in 2010, 47% of enterprise survey respondents ranked data growth in their top three challenges. The steady growth in the pace of file creation and systems to save all of those files shows no hint of a slowdown.

In 1986, only 1% of data was stored digitally. In 2007, it was 94%. Enterprises are storing 7 exabytes of data and consumers, 6 exabytes. And while individuals generate 75% of the information in the digital universe, enterprises have some liability for 80% of information in the digital universe at some point in its digital life.

Take a look at this infographic that illustrates some interesting statistics about data growth and how it’s being stored. We also define the various technologies you can use for data storage from cloud to dedicated. Hopefully it gets you thinking about what you or your company is doing when it comes to data storage. If you need to address your data issues please contact us for advice.


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