Write your own interactive iBook

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Your readers await! You can now write and publish your own interactive, multitouch book thanks to the free app iBooks author. The classroom possibilities have now become a thousand times more flexible for teachers , students and global connectivity. If we address the social justice issues of ease of access for all to technology then we now have a planet full of writers ready to pool their knowledge. Peer teaching and learning possibilities could be enabled globally.

Collaboration on expert learning resources is now possible. I find this exciting. I know we’ll hesitate because we are teachers. We are always busy. We are always on the go and marking and assessing take up swags of time eating into our creative endeavours. We need to look at that because when you let teachers and students off the leash to create, they come up with really interesting and very genuine deep learning. iBooks would be an arena we could all explore but time is going to slow this process down.

If you want to explore iBooks author further, then click here because it explores the app in greater depth. You need to update your free iBooks app on your iPad to iBooks 2 to preview the texts written in iBooks author.

Thanks to e-wot


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